Re: conversion of RAL 000 7500 to PMS

By Lone 20 Aug 2009 21:24
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Assuming this is RAL Design 000 75 00 (a completely desaturated light-gray) the closest PMS matches are:

Pantone 421
Pantone Cool Gray 4

But in order to get those results I had to do two color conversions and errors might have been introduced. RAL Design is identical to CIE-L*CH (illuminant D65 and 10 observer) so I used the color calculator at to get a RGB hex value (#B9B9B7). To get the PMS match I used the calculator and conversion tool here:

Other colors to consider are:

Pantone 441
Pantone Warm Gray 3

If these don't look like the best matches to your eyes then it is indeed possible they may not be. There is no simple way to convert colors to PMS equivalents.

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